Ryder Cup Teams

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The teams for this weekends Ryder Cup have been set and matches made. Now lets hope the rain holds off!

A decision will be made in the morning whether to play or not if it is raining.


Ryder Cup Teams

Team Chuck
Team Ross
Keith Barnes   vs Butch Lamon
Jim Drumm Tom Martz
Kim Long   vs Karen Johnson
Steve Masala Phil Ross
Dan Garisson   vs Ed Edstrom
Jim Fink Ron Trefsger
Mark Lehman   vs Rob Long
Kathy Varner Norm Hearns
John Heaps   vs Rafael Rivera
Paul Jaffin Jim Dalberto
Heather Kowalski   vs Pam Dalberto
Nate Smith Dave Wyda
Chuck Schartzer   vs Ross Baucher
Bobby Kocher Darlene Kocher
Mike  Sneidman   vs Melvin Martz
JC(Sat) Joe P.(Sun) Steve Livziey
Butch Smith   vs Arlie Payne
Duane Long Terry Simpson
Rob Miknich   vs Doug Fisk
Charlie Kolb Jim Turner

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