Spring Ryder Cup Day Two

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Below are the pairings for Day 2 of the Ryder Cup:


2 Person Scramble Match Play

1 point per side(front and back)

1 bonus point to team with most birdies

All putts must be made(No Gimmies)

All course rules apply  


Team Blue(Chuck)
Team Red(Ross)
Chuck  Schartzer vs Duane Long
Butch Smith Nate Smith
Rob Miknich vs Melvin Martz
Mike Chapin Arley Payne
Karen Johnson vs Dave Wyda
Jose Parilla Belinda Fenstemaker
Tom Martz vs Steve Livzey
Michele Masala Paul Jaffin
Terry Simpson vs Ross Baucher
Ron Seely Jim Fink
Dennis Eckrote vs Bobby Kocher
Lloyd Wolford Steve Masala
Darlene Kocher vs Butch Lamon
Keith Barnes Pam Dalberto
Charlie Kolb vs Phil Ross
Jim Hammer Ron Trefsger