The History of Arnold's Golf Course

John Arnold Crisman, an attorney, and an avid golfer, often talked about taking a piece of land and permanently improving it. He purchased the former Fetteroff farm and began constructing a course on the property. In 1983, nine holes were completed and his dream became a reality. Arnold spent much of his time on the course with his two constant companions, Pancake and Radar (his dogs). People would come to visit Arnold and his dogs and of course enjoy a game of golf. A decision had to be made on what to name the course. As a number of his friends and golfers began to refer to the course as "Arnold's Course", the name stuck and we become Arnold's Golf Course. Although nine holes were enough to play, construction continued on the second nine, holes. In June 1986, the 18th hole was finished, a day Arnold was waiting for. That evening he suffered a heart attack, which took his life.

Arnold and his two dogs

Arnold's Golf Course remains a family business. John Arnold's son, John, his wife, Linda, and children, J.C. and Brent, carry on the family tradition. Duke and Daisy are now the course dogs, and spend a great deal of their time greeting golfers.

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